The Most Popular Jobs in Chicago!

The Most Popular Jobs in Chicago!

At Jobr we have tons of data on what jobs are popular in any given city. We thought it would make for an interesting series to take a look at the most popular jobs in each city and compare what’s hot and what’s not! For our first post in the series we decided to take a trip to the northwest and take a deeper dive into Chicago’s job market.

We decided to look at the hundreds of thousands of job applications our candidates have sent to companies in Chicago to find the most in-demand roles for 2016. 

1) Deep Dish Pizza Chef: Pizza is big business in Chicago. This is our highest right swiped role. Cooks and chefs want to make Chicago’s famous style of pizza. This ranks much higher in terms of interest than it does in New York. Don’t let that tell you which is best!

2) Quantitative Trader: Chicago is a financial hub. The job with the highest interest in finance is Quantitate Trader, surprisingly. This is likely more aspirational than anything! People in finance want these roles more than traditional analyst roles which have failed to attract graduates in recent years. 

3) Advertising Executive: This creative role sits highly! The world of advertising has changed with the internet. Today advertising is more than TV campaigns or print. You have to create content for a number of mediums. The ad exec in 2016 must deal with client pitches, come up with campaign ideas and manage teams.

4) Metal Bean Washer: Who keeps the famous Chicago bean (also known as Cloud Gate) clean? This team does. The top half of the bean is deep cleaned every 6 months with 40 gallons of water but the cleaning team must clean the famous statue every day to keep it shining.

5) Software Engineer: Software is big business in San Francisco and New York. Chicago has its own tech boom. With companies like Groupon hiring engineers in the city. Software Engineers that want to live in Chicago likely need to work harder to find a job than in other cities due to a lower number of roles. This is probably why these jobs do so well on our platform compared to other cities that are more competitive on the employer side!

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