How much do software interns get paid?

How much do software interns get paid?

Software engineering interns in Silicon Valley are paid notoriously well due to the competitive nature of hiring software talent. Companies try to convince interns to join them full-time after they finish their studies. Jobr is based in San Francisco at the heart of this world!

Student Rodney Folz compiled the ultimate list of pay by company by surveying a large number of college students that interviewed for software engineering internships in 2016.

Here’s the list of pay, all are for the full internship:

Two Sigma: $10.4k/mo + $5k relo + $5k housing
Snapchat: $10k /mo + $1.5k housing
Pinterest: $9k/mo + $1k relo + $3k/mo housing or corp housing
Twitter: $8.4k/mo + $6k benefits
Quora: $8.3k/mo + $2k housing or corp
Facebook: $8k/mo + $3k benefit
Slack: $7.7k/mo
Groupon: $7.7k/mo
Palantir: $7.5k/mo + corp housing
Linkedin: $7.5k/mo + corp housing
Twitch: $7.4k/mo + $10.5k housing or corp
Yelp: $7.3k/mo + $4.5k housing or corp
Uber: $7.3k/mo + $3k benefits + Uber Credit
Oracle: $7.2k/mo + $7.5k housing or corp
Microsoft: $7.2k/mo + $3k housing or corp
Goldman Sachs: $7.1k/mo + $2.5k benefits
Airbnb: $7k/mo + corp housing + airbnb credit
Stripe: $7k/mo +corp housing
Twilio: $6.9k/mo + $2k benefits
Pandora: $6.9k/mo + $3k benefits
Box: $6.7k/mo + $5k benefits
Apple: $6.7k/mo + $1k/mo housing or corp
Google: $6.6k/mo + $9k benefits
Yahoo: $6.5k/mo + $4.5k housing
Salesforce: $6.5k/mo + corp housing
Dropbox: $6.3k/mo + $6k benefits
Amazon: $6k/mo + benefits (varies $1.5k – $7.5k)

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  • Charles Moore May 03, 2016 05.21 pm

    Sounds like a plan and would like some more details on there offers, all the best!

  • Raven Bryant-Williams May 03, 2016 07.06 pm

    I would love to receive more details as well.

  • Heath May 04, 2016 08.42 pm

    Why is Facebook on your list twice?


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