These are the most popular jobs in Seattle!

These are the most popular jobs in Seattle!

At Jobr we have tons of data on what jobs are popular in any given city. We thought it would make for an interesting series to take a look at the most popular jobs in each city and compare what’s hot and what’s not! For our first post in the series we decided to take a trip to the northwest and take a deeper dive into Seattle’s job market.

Seattle, with its low unemployment rate of 3.3% and a $15 minimum wage is a west coast hub for employment. We decided to look at the hundreds of thousands of job applications our candidates have sent to companies in Seattle to find the most in-demand roles for 2016. Ever felt like everyone at the party worked in sales? If so, it’s probably because they did or they want to!

The 10 Most Popular Jobs

These are the job titles with the highest apply rate. In Jobr you can swipe left to ignore a job or right to apply. These titles have the highest right swipe percentage in Seattle. We also took the number of jobs we have into account for fairness:

1) Sales Director ($85k) – This role topped our list. Account Executive and Business Development also fared well. With a lot of high-end technology companies in Seattle, and lots of eager Account Executives looking for a promotion it’s no surprise this job is extremely popular with the candidates on our mobile app.

2) Marketing Assistant ($45k) – Someone needs to generate leads for the sales team! Marketing is core to the success of any business. This role requires less experience and is great for recent college grads which definitely adds to its popularity.

3) Product Manager ($103k) – Product Managers are another software role that can be a path for both engineers and business people. Often aspirational for business people that want to focus more on shaping the product for customers. This role is likely popular due to the fact that both business and engineer minded employees can be attracted to this role.

4) Field Service Engineer ($63k) – A field service engineer can mean a number of things depending on the industry. Usually they’re technicians that troubleshoot equipment and technical issues. This role’s industry agnostic nature helps it claim the #4 spot. .

5) Security Officer ($42k) – This role is great for people looking to work at night or on off hours. It’s the highest entry level position on this list, likely due to being paid fairly well and requiring little experience in general. Proof that Seattle isn’t all coffee and bike riding. Make sure you stay on the right side of the tracks or at least are hanging out with someone who swiped right on security officer!

6) Business Analyst ($62k) – With the surge of business grads in recent years the demand for this role has only increased. For the business purists this is probably the most popular entry level position coming out of school.

7) Graphic Designer ($65k) – Where my hipsters at? Graphic Designers have to be versatile, the role can range from ad design, user interface design to packaging design. This role doesn’t necessarily require any qualifications. Usually just talent and experience.

8) Software Engineer ($92k) – Software Engineers are in-highest demand out of any role on this list so they can be more selective with their swipes. There are a number of large tech companies in Seattle. Although there are a lot of software engineers on Jobr, it doesn’t sit at the top of the list due to high competition for hiring.

9) Mechanical Engineer ($75k) – This well-paid technical role has a high right swipe percentage in Seattle. The number of companies hiring this specialized role is lower and probably why it does so well within its niche.

10) Driver ($30 an hour) – Ride sharing companies use Jobr to find new drivers. These roles do really well because there’s no minimum time required and solid hourly earnings. In 2010 there were 76 cars for every resident in Seattle.


We knew before this list that tech jobs were going to be popular in Seattle. The top three most commonly swiped roles in Seattle (Sales Director, Marketing Assistant, and Product Manager) are all very common roles in the industry. The reason I believe Sales Director tops them all are that there are a lot of sales people swiping right on Jobr seeing if they can’t score their next promotion by moving to a new company!

Andrew was the Marketing Lead at Jobr. He's pretty gosh-darn lit!

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