The Most Popular Jobs In Atlanta

The Most Popular Jobs In Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline and Highway at Sunset

Job opportunities in historic Atlanta are much more diverse due to the city’s energetic feel and rising popularity. Atlanta, GA and its surrounding cities are the setting to many popular movies and television shows. From one of the world’s busiest airports to CNN; exciting and fulfilling jobs are not hard to find. We’ve put together a list of ten of the most exciting jobs in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Photographer

If behind the camera is where you feel your expertise shine, Atlanta is a perfect location. Beautiful, historic homes from the Civil War era, sporting events, and a vast array of art make the city a photographer’s dream.

2. Event Coordinator

With so many big name companies in one area, you can count on numerous and large events. If you have party planning and organization skills, this may be just the job you’ve been dreaming of.

3. Public Relations Assistant

Almost all companies have a public relations department. And, big companies like CNN, most likely employ many public relations assistants. If you have strong social skills and excellent problem solving capabilities, this could be a great career for you.

4. Concierge

With Atlanta’s bustling airport and rising popularity with tourists, exquisite hotels are a must. If working with the public and in a luxurious hotel peaks your interest; imagine yourself working in the 2nd tallest all-building hotel in the western hemisphere right in Atlanta.

5. Real Estate

If helping a family find their dream home interests you, and you are great at selling, working in real estate in Atlanta is ideal. The beautiful areas and rising population are certain to make this a long and productive career.

6. Talent Acquisition Specialist

If wanting to help others find their dream job describes your ideal job, then a talent acquisition specialist could be a perfect fit. Working within a company’s human resource department, you would help find the perfect employee to fit the needs of the company.

7. Data Analyst

If your skill set involves reading comprehension, problem solving, and working with computers; becoming a data analyst would be a great position. With the size of Atlanta’s industry, the need for analysts to better help businesses make the right decision is high.

8. Journalist

If journalism is your passion, Atlanta is a hot spot for this career. With major networks and newspaper publishers, the job opportunities are high.

9. Police Officer

If ‘protect and serve’ is your calling, and you’re looking for an energetic city to work in, Atlanta is an excellent choice. From working security to patrolling the streets, the opportunities are great.

10. Landscaper

If being outdoors all day and plants and flowers are your passion consider becoming or working with a landscaper. You could eventually design even more beautiful Atlanta scenery.

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