The Most Popular Jobs in Los Angeles

The Most Popular Jobs in Los Angeles

Here at Jobr, we have collected an immense amount of information about which jobs are the most popular in specific cities around the country. We’ve already covered some of the bigger cities here in the United States, and it’s time to check out the top ten jobs in the country’s second largest city, Los Angeles.

10. Graphic Designer
In this internet-based technology area, one of the most important and fastest growing careers is in graphic design. In the greater LA area, this is especially true. With the great amounts of companies based in the nation’s second largest market, there is great need for graphic designers.

9. Data Analyst
As businesses grow, they need ways to do things more efficiently. That’s where data analysts come in. They play a key role in using company data to help company higher ups make smarter decisions.

8. Creative Director
One of the hottest jobs in LA is in marketing. Creative directors are the ones leading those marketing companies. In a market with so much competition, a creative director can play a key role in making sure a given product or service is seen.

7. Account Sales Manager
With so much competition, the name of the game for most companies is customer service. As you can imagine, Account Managers manage the existing accounts, and ensure that customers are given needed attention to stay with a company. It is a solid employment opportunity in the greater Los Angeles area.

6. Production Coordinator
LA is known most of all for being the Entertainment Capital of the World. Hollywood is a thriving industry, and production coordinators play an important roles in ensuring its success. They lead the groups and personnel that come together in film making and TV show filming.

5. Sales Engineer
In this era of growing scientific discoveries and technological improvements, there is growing need for sales engineers. These people sell complex products in that realm of science and technology, and require extensive understanding of the workings of these products. In a market so close to the hotbeds of technology like Apple and Google, Sales Engineers are extremely important.

4. Financial Consultant
Financial consultants, or financial advisers, help clients with their long-term financial plans, including investments, savings, insurance, and retirement. In any market there is need for financial consultants, but with the wealth involved in the Los Angeles area, there is even greater opportunity.

3. Marketing
We mentioned Creative Directors previously, but lower marketing positions in general have great popularity in the country’s second largest market. Marketing has many different potential mediums these days, including billboards, sponsorships, and internet advertisements,etc.

2. Social Media Manager
Social Media management in recent years has become an indispensable position, and one of the fastest growing employment opportunities in SoCal’s biggest city. Every company has need for management of its many outreaches into the realm of social media, but its not all about simply posting onto your company’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. It involves deeper analysis of trends and finding exciting and creative ways of branching out on those sites, in order to make sure your company is seen.

1. Data Entry Specialist
Finally, the most popular career in this market is in Data Entry. Its description is simple enough, but its importance in the maintenance of large corporations and businesses can not be overstated. Specialists in data entry become the link between paper information and computerized data, and in this modern era, there is not a single company without a need for such a link. For that reason data entry specialists have become Los Angeles’ most popular job.

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