The Most Popular Jobs in New York

The Most Popular Jobs in New York

At Jobr, we’re committed to helping job-seekers like you find the job that is most suited for you. We have a great amount of data on what jobs are most popular in a given job market. We’ve studied hundreds of thousands of job applications, and have found these jobs to be the most demanded in the nation’s largest job market, New York.

10) Digital Marketing Manager
Our modern era is dominated by technology and by the internet. Marketing has come a long way in taking advantage of the internet to make sure that companies are seen and services are advertised. Demand for digital marketing managers is at an all-time high, especially in the nation’s biggest market.

9) Insurance Agent
With a population of over 8.5 million, New York City’s citizens are in the constant need of insurance. For that reason, the position of insurance agent has become one of the most demanded. Insurance agents, also known as brokers, provide and sell varying types of insurance for compensation.

8) Sales Professional
It is one thing to be in sales. It is another to be a certified and accredited sales professional. Being a certified sales professional allows you the opportunity to work in some of the biggest industries in the nation’s biggest city. Selling wisely to knowledgeable and demanding buyers allows for huge payoffs, and so the high demand for such a position is understandable.

7) Secretary
Secretaries have been around for a long time, but the demand for the position has not gone away. With the incredible number of businesses in New York City, that demand is certainly warranted. Secretaries play a key role in making sure that logistical tasks are done, projects are managed, and businesses stay organized.

6) Software Engineer
There are very few companies, if any, who are not dependent on technology, especially computers, for successful management and support. Software engineers are experts in designing, developing, maintaining, evaluating, and testing software systems, and have been in high demand in the nation’s largest market.

5) Restaurant Manager
New York, “The City That Never Sleeps,” is known for its vibrant nightlife, and world-class restaurants. For that reason, the position of restaurant manager is one of high demand and great popularity. Big money can come of successfully managing a high-class restaurant, especially one in the Big Apple.

4) Bank Teller
In any large city, banks play a huge role in making sure that customers’ money is managed effectively and with a great customer service record. This is especially true in the nation’s largest city.

3) Luxury Fashion/Accessories
New York is also known for being the home of fashion. Many of the world’s biggest luxury fashion brands can be found in the nation’s biggest city, and New York consistently hosts some of the world’s highest profile fashion shows.

2) Marketing
One look at the famous Times Square in New York City will give you a sense of the great importance of marketing in the Big Apple. Nowadays, however, marketing goes beyond just getting your brand on billboards. Internet marketing, including social media, has become a huge part of most industries.

1) Retail Sales
We’ve talked about Sales Professionals, but the lower profile sales positions have garnered higher demand for 2016 in New York. Retail sales positions have long been of great popularity, especially with the great amount of stores found and the high amount of traffic in the City, with an already high population, and a great flow of tourists. For that reason, retail sales has been the most demanded position in New York.

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