The Highest Paying Jobs in 2016

The Highest Paying Jobs in 2016

Many young workers are entering the job market and looking not only for good jobs, but for jobs that are high paying as well. Those $5 cups of coffee and artisanal cronuts don’t pay for themselves! The jobs here are in especially high demand for 2016 and will have above average salary growth into the foreseeable future. We looked at millions of jobs on Jobr in 2016 for this post.

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High Paying Health and Medical Jobs

Nursing Anesthetist
Average Salary: $158,000
These are the nurses that dose patients with drugs before medical procedures in an effort to minimize pain and discomfort. To become a nursing anesthetist, you will need to have both a bachelor’s of nursing degree and your nursing license.

Average Salary: $166,000
A dentist is obviously a job that requires many years of schooling (a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate to be exact). The dental occupation rewards those who are personable and agreeable to their patients. Many people don’t like to visit dentists, but making the experience enjoyable can help win you repeat clients. Orthodontists, who help straighten people’s teeth, operate in a dental sub-specialty that’s in high demand right now with an average annual salary of $201,000. A prosthodontist, who helps in replacing and restoring teeth to make them look better (kind of like a plastic surgeon, but only for teeth), makes an average annual salary of approximately $142,000.

Average Salary: $182,000
This is another health and medical job specialty that requires a doctorate. In addition to being good with people, psychiatrists should have a deep curiosity about what makes people do what they do. Job growth is strongest for psychiatrists who are willing to work in rural areas as they are currently underserved.

Medical and Health Services Program / Facility Manager
Average Salary: $103,000
A health services program coordinator is tasked with keeping a skilled medical facility (which includes hospitals and nursing homes) running smoothly. Employment opportunities are strongest in urban areas where hospitals and related outpatient facilities are located as well as certain states like Florida that are popular retirement destinations.

High Paying Business Jobs

Marketing Manager
Average Salary: $137,000
A marketing manager is one of the most important members of a business team. They help promote a company’s products by finding new niches and uncovering new client demographics. A marketer’s compensation can escalate with bonuses, which means you could earn even more if you’re good at your job.

Financial Manager
Average Salary: $130,000
A financial manager makes sure that an organization’s decision makers have the best possible financial data possible. This could be in the form of reports, spreadsheet simulations or even in-depth white papers. The position pays well because company’s need the best information possible in order to make informed decisions about their future.

Average Salary: $110,000
An actuary crunches numbers and helps a company understand the financial implications of undertaking certain forms or risk. Actuaries are most often employed by insurance companies and employment prospects are best in large cities like Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and New York City. Hartford and Des Moines are two smaller cities that also regularly have a high demand for actuaries.

Financial Advisor
Average Salary: $108,000
A financial advisor looks out for their clients by helping to find appropriate financial vehicles in which to invest their money. This job is ideal for those who are good at numbers and keep up on financial news and events. It helps to have an entrepreneurial spirit as financial advisors often have to solicit their own clients.

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