The Most Popular Jobs in Austin

The Most Popular Jobs in Austin
Last week ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft left Austin due to changes in ride-sharing regulations. We decided to compile this list of the most popular job options in Austin! Here are your alternatives from Jobr:

Sales Representative

Voted one of the nicest places in the country to live, Austin is home to some of the most unique and friendly people around. As a sales rep, you will get the opportunity to interact with all kinds of customers looking to purchase anything from swimming pools to a variety of foods.

Project Manager
Austin loves staying at the forefront in every category, and in order to maintain this culture, thousands of projects from thousands of companies are constantly working through the process to become reality. Gaming, accounting, parks and wildlife, and even municipal organizations all are in need of motivated individuals to lead the way for their latest ideas.

Administrative Assistant
With the multitude of successful businesses impacting world affairs, the need for assistants to direct daily workflow is growing as fast as the interest in the role. Finding a great company to be a part of while working under some of the world’s most powerful executives can be a pretty comfy gig.

Account Executive
Maybe you’re looking to lead the way yourself instead of working under someone. Well as an account executive, you will be responsible for managing clientele transactions worth gargantuan sums of money. Meeting some of the richest and most influential entrepreneurs the city has to offer would just be a bonus to build up your network.

Customer Service Representative
Another great way to work with people daily and experience Austin culture is to work as a customer service representative. Choosing this option provides you with the opportunity to solve problems for clients and to help keep the experience with a company positive. Though you’ll also get to deal with some feisty individuals, so you’ll never be bored!

Business Analyst
If you have a knack for numbers and enjoy finding new ways for a company to improve, then a career as a business analyst could be the perfect fit. This would afford you the chance to work with highly successful individuals, work a comfy job, and get paid quite handsomely for your efforts.

Sales Executive
Should you already have experience working with customers and ensuring that they leave happy and wanting to return, then motivating others as well as managing overall sales might be the next step. sales executives make sure that their sales teams provide high quality service while observing records and making changes accordingly in order to maximize profit.

Marketing Coordinator
One of the most exciting jobs in Austin is that of a marketing coordinator. Finding the best way to reach your target audience can be as fun as it is challenging with the people of this city as your demographic. Unique ideas as well as a creative flair are not only encouraged here, they are actively sought after.

Restaurant Manager
As with anywhere in the world, people in Austin love to eat! Managing a restaurant comes with the benefits of getting to experience world-class culinary delights and getting to share that joy with people from all walks of life. The possibilities are endless in this city where cultures blend to create some of the finest foods you’ll ever get to eat.

Registered Nurse
As with any large city, the need for people who have a passion for others is great. Working as a registered nurse, you not only get to find a career that satisfies your devotion to helping others but also will work in some of the best hospitals in the state while training to handle any situation.

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