The Most Popular Jobs in San Antonio

The Most Popular Jobs in San Antonio

Are you finding yourself looking for a job in the San Antonio area but do not know where to begin? Perhaps you have an idea of what profession you would like to hold but are not sure of what the job duties include. Here is a list of the top 10 jobs in San Antonio to help you in your next career move.

Assistant Office Manager

If being the person that helps in the major function of a corporation sounds interesting than consider a position as an office assistant manager. With this position you will aide in the hiring and training of new employees, make sure your company reaches monthly goals and work directly with the office manager to ensure your company is running on all cylinders. This position is a great stepping stone to an office manager position.

Controlla (lol)

As a controller you will be in charge of the spending budget of a major organization. You will be in charge of the payroll as well as company wide spending ensuring that the company does not exceed their spending limits. A background in accounting is very helpful when obtaining a position as a controller.

Customer Service Representative

With just about any profession in today’s world, you will need experience with customer service. How you interact with customers will make the difference between success and failure in this profession. Put your people skills to the test by becoming a customer service representative. No specific education or training is required for this position.

Sales and Marketing

As a sales and marketing agent you will work independently to reach sales quotas for whatever product you will be selling. You will reach out to potential customers to spread the word about your product and how it will benefit your clients. No specific education is typically required for this position but a background in business management would be helpful.

Restaurant Manager

Do you love food? Not just tasting it but cooking it as well. Do you love the idea of hosting a number of guests for a meal? Why not become a restaurant manager? This position will provide you with all of the ins and outs of the food industry. You will put your customer service skills to the test while learning valuable culinary techniques. A culinary degree or similar education will be helpful in obtaining this position.

General Manager

Tire of having to answer to someone? Why not put yourself at the top of the food chain and become a general manager? General managers are needed in a variety of fields from restaurants to automotive sales to retail. While no special education is required, experience is usually necessary.

Project Manager

If your were always the person with the best ideas and were a dominating team leader becoming a project manager is the perfect career for you. Put your creativity to the test by taking the lead on a wide variety of business projects. A business degree would be helpful in obtaining this position.

Project Coordinator

Are you organized with extreme attention to detail? Does the idea of running the show sound enticing? If you are good at organizing events and effectively being sure that projects get completed becoming a project coordinator is the perfect career for you. Work closely with the project manager to reach your goals. A degree in the business field will be helpful in obtaining this position.

Administrative Office Assistant

This position will require you to be able to multitask in a very fast-paced environment. If you enjoy a speedy work day and always having something different to do consider an administrative assistant position. This position typically does not require any special training.


If you are great at balancing a checkbook consider becoming an accountant. As an accountant you will make sure that all of the accounts for your company are balanced and checked. A strong background in mathematics and an accounting degree may be required for this position.

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