How to Attract and Hire Millennials

How to Attract and Hire Millennials

If you want to attract the best members of the millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, you have to know what makes young people tick. Like everyone, they’re seeking interesting careers that allow them to maximize their potential. Millennials look at life a little differently from previous generations. They’ve grown up more connected than ever and can be incentivized differently. Jobr is the most popular job search product for millennials. You can post a job here.

Reach out to Millennials on Social Media

To attract younger employees in the first place, you have to reach out and connect with them. In addition to participating in hiring fairs, you should take the time to engage with student organizations. This helps you to connect with millennials before they graduate from college. You also need a social media presence.

Make sure your presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is consistent and interactive. Be ready to answer questions and comments. Branding yourself on social media is one of the best ways to get millennials interested in your company. One study found that 68 percent of millennials use social media when searching for internships.

Offer Flexible Hours

One of the biggest changes that is occurring in many workplaces is that companies are offering more flexible hours. The traditional nine-to-five, 40 hours per week structure is becoming obsolete. Millennials prefer a more flexible schedule, one that allows them to pursue their other interests and activities. This doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t willing to work hard. Because Generation Y is so well connected, they can complete many tasks from home or their favorite cafe.

They also don’t mind alternating between work, socializing and entertainment. Older employees may prefer the familiar routine of putting in eight hours and then putting work behind them. Millennials, however, have no problem working in between meals, workouts at the gym or social sessions. You can accommodate this by providing them with more flexibility when it comes to hours.

Provide Them With Learning Opportunities

Millennials are ambitious and want to learn as much as possible while employed. Give them as much training as possible, especially in ways that allow them to reach their career goals more quickly. You might also set up external education and training opportunities where they can earn an advanced degree or learn relevant skills as a benefit.

Internships, of course, are another vehicle where you can provide employees with valuable training. Successful interns often make the best future employees. If you offer internships, make sure that you’re providing genuine learning opportunities.

Allow More Vacation Time

Some companies are now offering a policy of flexible vacation time, where employees can take as much vacation time as they want as long as they fulfill their work responsibilities. Netflix, for example, allows employees to take as much vacation time as they want. Vacation time, in fact, is not even tracked. Performance is the only thing that matters.

This is a radical shift from traditional vacation policies but one that suits the personalities of millennials. One characteristic of this generation is that they don’t recognize the firm boundaries between working and free time. A young employee might, for example, have no problem turning in work while “on vacation.”

Let Them Wear Multiple Hats

Millennials don’t believe in rigid specialization. They prefer to learn and try new tasks. One option is to implement a rotational program, where employees or interns are trained in various departments within a business. This can be beneficial both to employers and employees. It keeps the job interesting for younger employees.

This doesn’t mean that every employee should be a jack of all trades. It does, however, give them a chance to learn where their strengths lie. Once this is discovered, they can be given more specialized jobs. It never hurts, though, to have people trained in multiple areas so they can contribute in more ways when needed.

Communicate Openly With Them

Traditionally, bosses and managers were very tight-lipped about many topics. For example, you may not be comfortable discussing competitors with your employees. Millennials, however, like to discuss topics openly.

You can gain their trust by recognizing this trait and being more willing to open up about a variety of subjects. This includes salaries, competitors and even things about the company that they don’t like. Millennials will trust and respect you more if you’re willing to engage them in honest conversations.

Give Them a Purpose

Millennials are interested in working for a purpose and not only a salary. The idea of work as a place to go only to pick up a paycheck is a dated concept that doesn’t appeal to this generation. Having a well-articulated mission to improve the world, solve problems or serve your customers is good for your business as a whole.

It helps you focus on providing better products and services to your customers. It also helps you recruit and maintain the best millennial employees. When doing this, you have to do more than pay lip service to your mission. It has to be something that’s truly put into practice every day.

Many of the practices that were once taken for granted, such as a rigid work schedule, fixed vacation times and limited communication between different levels within an organization don’t appeal to members of Generation Y. If you want to attract and retain millennials in your business, you have to create an environment they will find hospitable.

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