How to Write a Great Job Description!

How to Write a Great Job Description!

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One of the easiest ways to find the right person for a job opening is to write a clear and concise job description. When an individual knows what his or her role will be, they have a better idea of what to expect and how to perform up to expectations. What are some points to consider when creating the best possible job description?

What Are the Hard Guidelines to Do the Job Well?

An important aspect of a job description is to point out the basic skills that a worker must have to do the job effectively. For instance, you may want someone who can lift 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the day. You may decide that you want your office worker to be able to type 50 words a minute or know how to create spreadsheets with ease from day one. Being clear about the type of skills that a worker needs to occupy the position will hopefully weed out several people who aren’t qualified to do the job before any applications are sent out.

Who Will This Person Be Working With or Reporting To?

Another important aspect of a job description is to clarify who the person will be working with or will report to. For instance, you could say that whoever holds the job will work with the accounting department or work with other sales staff to create a marketing plan. Generally, the person that the position holder reports to will be a manager or department head, but it is possible that a freelancer or temporary hire will be responsible for measuring his or her own performance.

Stay Away From Jargon

For the most part, jargon comes off as unprofessional, confusing and may take away from the overall message. Instead of saying that you are looking for a team player who thinks outside of the box, you could say that the ideal applicant will have plenty of opportunities for collaboration and creative expression. Unless you are recruiting a militia to take out an occupying force, don’t refer to someone as a ninja or a general in your post.

Don’t Use Inflammatory or Discriminatory Language

There is no place for language that would make a worker feel uncomfortable or unwanted. In general, you shouldn’t make any statement about an applicant’s age unless there are aspects of the job that minors cannot do. For instance, you shouldn’t say that no one over 55 need apply as that is age discrimination.

Is This a Special Assignment?

As part of the job description, it may be worthwhile to mention whether the job is a special assignment or will be a long-term position. If a job is a special assignment, it may attract those who are looking to learn new skills or perhaps work on a specialized project that will look good on their resumes. It also doesn’t hurt to mention if a job that starts as a special assignment may turn into a permanent position within the company.

How Much Experience Should an Applicant Have?

You don’t want an entry level job seeker applying for a job in management that others have worked years for. You also don’t want someone applying for a job working with specialized equipment if he or she doesn’t have enough time using that equipment. Therefore, you want to specify whether someone should have three years experience or five years experience. You also want to specify whether or not a worker should have a degree or a certification to do the job properly.

Does it bring sexy back?

You could write an excellently written description but put it on an ugly ATS listing or job board that was last updated in 1999. If you post your job on Jobr you’ll already have a beautiful mobile listing but we also love services like Lever and Greenhouse for attractive job postings.

The best job descriptions are concise and tell the applicant what they need to know to make an informed decision about applying. Applicants should know by reading the description who they are working with, who they are working for and whether or not they have the skills and experience to apply. When done properly, you increase the odds of getting qualified applicants who can do the job and are ready to go on day one.


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