How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret if you’re Employed

How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret if you’re Employed

Even though you may be seriously searching for a better career opportunity, that doesn’t mean that you want to risk losing your current job sooner than you had in mind. In addition to making your current work environment a bit uncomfortable, your bosses may find a way to let you go if they find out that you already have one foot out the door. That type of thing makes it really important to keep your job search as quiet as possible, and here are a few simple ways that you can keep your efforts a secret from your current employer.

• Keep Your Plans to Yourself: It’s perfectly natural to want to share positive plans with those who are closest to you, but don’t talk about your job-search details with any friends who work at the same company. Chances are very good that they will also share your information with others who they trust. Words travel fast, and your boss will most likely know you’re on the way out before you even realize what has happened.

• Don’t Search for Jobs While You’re at Work: Many companies monitor the computer activity of each employee, and it definitely won’t look good if you are caught searching for other employment when you’re supposed to be working at your current job. You should also refrain from using your work email, work address or your current company’s phone and FAX numbers as contacts for potential new employers.

• Be Smart About Interviews: Don’t leave your job at odd times of the day to interview for new employment. You should schedule your interviews for before or after work or during your lunch hour. If you must take off work for an interview, then you should request a personal day rather than calling in sick or making up a ridiculous excuse. Also, you’ll look very suspicious if you show up to work dressed too nice, so you should wait to change into your interview clothing just beforehand at a location away from your current job.

• Your Job Search Doesn’t Belong on Social Media: Even if you have your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts set to private, it’s a good bet that your coworkers are listed as friends. Avoid talking about your job search on social media because it’s almost certain to get back to your boss sooner than later.

• Request Confidentiality: It’s perfectly acceptable to ask potential employers to refrain from contacting your current employer. Professionals understand that this can be an issue, and it’s fine to let it be known that you want your job search to remain a confidential matter.

• Don’t Let Over-Confidence Wreck You: Having confidence in yourself is a wonderful thing, and you may leave a job interview with the feeling that you’ve absolutely got the position. However, even if you’ve been led to believe that the job is yours, it’s a bad idea to put in your resignation before you’ve had a clear offer of a new job. If the job offer falls through, then you could be stuck begging to keep your old job a little longer. That sort of thing generally doesn’t go over very well with current employers.

Find Your Dream Job Today

Don’t let the fear of losing your current job keep you from getting out there to find the career of your dreams. These few tips should help you keep your job search unnoticed right up until you give your two-weeks notice, and you’ll soon be on a much better career path with greater opportunities.

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