5 Ways Going Mobile Can Help Attract Quality Job Applicants!

5 Ways Going Mobile Can Help Attract Quality Job Applicants!
With the convenience of smart phones, job seekers prefer to look for work on their mobile device. Is your listing attracting the attention of all qualified applicants?

Statistics show that almost 9 out of 10 job seekers prefer to look for new jobs using their phones, and 1 out of every 4 job hunters will choose not to apply for a job if the position isn’t optimized for a mobile device. What do these statistics mean for you? Basically, it implies that your job postings must offer an ideal portable experience; otherwise, you’re letting go of a bunch of great applicants. Follow these 5 simple steps to make any job posting mobile friendly.

1.  Create a webpage with clear visuals and mobile design
The job search page should not be designed specifically for mobile phones or computers. It should look equally good when accessed from a phone or a computer by you. There might be different versions to support with phones or computers but, it should not affect the visual quality of the content. A self-preview should be done to understand if everything is accessible and readable when accessing it from the phone and the computer.

2. Use precise job titles
The job titles do not matter if they are on computers. The web browser accommodates them comfortably, but those long job titles take most of the screen of the mobile phones. Ideally, each job title should not exceed 5 words.

3. Refrain from listing too much information
Avoid any unnecessary job details, whether it comes in the title or the job description. The more detailed it is, the more overwhelming its seems and it occupies too much screen space. It should be convenient for you to get to the bottom in 4 scrolls from the top page. White space is definitely important in any job listing on the phone. Short paragraphs help you understand the description of the job and each section should not exceed 2-4 sentences. Cluttered detail till the bottom of the page may confuse the reader about the content of a job.

4. Make sure functionality works on mobile
A site should be compatible enough to upload documents when accessed from mobile phones. It should work as smoothly as it would on the computer. It should allow you to fill out forms, put in the information and to upload any document/attachment as required. Once the process of the job posting is completed, put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes and see for yourself if the listing is clean and functional.

5. Highlight key job details
Key points should be highlighted or written in bullets to seek the attention of a job seeker. The pointers will provide the desired information without going through every work of the description, but make sure the formatting does not change on a mobile device. It is imperative to differentiate each point from another by adding space between the points when viewing listings on a phone.

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