Changing Recruitment Practices In The Restaurant Industry

Changing Recruitment Practices In The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is increasingly affected by the on-demand workforce. Employees are constantly on the move taking advantage of the fluidity of the job market. Although this flexibility offers workers an easy way to take advantage of better opportunities, it makes it difficult for restaurants who are constantly looking for new replacement workers.

Advances in technology provide restaurant owners with better resources to hire superior quality employees. This requires a lot more than just a Craigslist posting to reach qualified applicants in a short amount of time. Owners must connect to a larger pool of applicants looking for jobs and consider advertising over multiple platforms. The restaurant recruitment landscape is very competitive but there are plenty of ways to increase your presence and hire top quality employees:

Utilize technology to optimize candidate search

Technology has become the center point of an on-demand market. It connects people instantly, making it a prime resource for recruiters to post their jobs. Candidates are actively searching for jobs on their mobile apps or social media so it’s very important that your listing is available across all platforms. Your restaurant needs a technology friendly recruiting strategy. Make sure your job posting is optimized for both web and mobile, which can also be used to filter out candidates not suitable for the job.

Use social media to reach more millennials

Another easy recruiting strategy is to use Facebook, Google or Twitter to post your listing. Social media targets specific users who are actively looking for jobs and it’s a great way to reach out to the millennials. Millions of people all over the world have various social media accounts and with targeted advertisements it’s become even easier to connect to them. The new generation is very tech-savvy and stats show that most of them spend at least 116 mins on social media everyday so social recruiting is a great way to reach out to qualified applicants.

Consistently be on the lookout for new employees

The restaurant industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any business. This is exactly the reason why you should always be hiring. When recruiting new workers make sure they are reliable and quick learners. You shouldn’t be wasting hours training them for a job they might end up changing in the near future. In fact, make sure that you set the correct expectations early on and that your new hire’s career goals are inline with your goals for them as an employee.

Use referrals to network and filter candidates:

55% of restaurant owners or managers think referrals are the best way to really get to know a potential candidate and their work ethic. Call or email previous employers if a candidate provides their information and ask any questions relevant to the job. Another way to use referrals is to ask other co-workers for recommendations. Employees that come with referrals are 3 times more likely to be a good fit for the job and are more committed to their work. It’s completely free of cost and it’s better coming from another employee since they understand the work environment better. It also speeds up the recruiting process if they come from a reliable source.

Use Jobr to post  jobs

Jobr’s app and website is a great way to optimize your listing for both mobile. You can post a job with Jobr’s web, iOS, or Android app and it’s immediately shown to thousands of qualified job seekers in your area.  It’s very convenient to create a job posting and we also offer a free 7 day trial. So go ahead and test it out!


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