New Recruiting Trends To Hire Millennials

New Recruiting Trends To Hire Millennials

The recruitment industry is growing more and more competitive every year. With this level of competition it is natural for recruiters to come up with innovative ways to find and hire the best talent. Millennials will soon make up almost 75% of the workforce and most businesses realize that recruiting millennials is imperative to finding the best talent. Recruiters need to keep up with the latest recruiting trends if they wish to stay relevant ahead of the competition.  

Even though it’s hard to predict all the changes to the recruiting game, here are some new and upcoming trends and recruiting practices that may be helpful in attracting savvy millennials. The recruitment atmosphere is changing fast and it’s important that all businesses adapt to these new trends so they don’t get left behind.

Diversity in workforce will continue to stay prominent  

In the coming years all organizations and industries will continue to make diversity a high priority. According to Entelo’s 2017 Annual Recruiting Trends Report, 67.4% of management supports strong workplace diversity. Many large firms already have a diversity program in place and believe it’s a large factor in their success. These programs have both tangible and intangible benefits as a diverse workforce bring in more creativity and increases productivity. Similarly diversity brings in new skills and techniques that can benefit even the most senior executive.

Video dominance in recruitment messaging

Video usage is increasing faster than ever making it even more important for recruiters to embrace the medium. Videos ability to be more engaging than photos or text make it a  great way to show off the culture of your firm. Shooting recruitment videos on mobile by current employees can add authenticity. New candidates are generally impressed with transparency and will want to understand not only the professional but also the fun side of your company. Everyone has a smart phone, which makes it incredibly easy for everyone to play a part in spreading the culture of a company.

Incorporation of AI in recruiting

Artificial intelligence has begun to automate the recruitment process. HR data analytics can make recruitment more efficient, and help you measure the quality of a potential candidate. Candidates can be auto-screened early in the process to eliminate the repetitive and high volume tasks. There are a number of software solutions that can conduct sentiment analysis on your job description to highlight potentially biased language. AI can also be incorporated into mobile and video recruiting to conduct emotional analysis on candidates. In the not too distant future you will be able to use AI to infer if the candidate’s personality is a good fit for your company resulting in better long-term hires.

Rise of the “gig economy”

Employers have started to embrace the gig economy where new hires can do short “gigs” or work on contract basis. Lots of millennials do not like sticking to one job for a long amount of time so they seek alternatives such as freelance work or contract jobs. Recruiters have started to acknowledge that millennials like more flexibility in their schedule This can also benefit the employer as they no longer need to pay for idle workers. Temporary work opportunities can be utilized across many jobs from product designers to product managers. Employers will soon find that if they restrict their applicant pool to only full-time workers they are going to miss out on a ton of qualified candidates.

Attending recruiting events

Attending recruiting events has become a big part of the recruitment process. Team up with universities and schools to meet more millennials. Career fairs are a great way to interact with college students who are looking for jobs or internships. Often times careers fairs will be the first impression your company will have on college students. Recruiters can also select an appropriately sized venue near your target audience, then prepare your budget. Post flyers at popular student hangouts, leave brochures at the campus bookstore or you can even post on their career websites. Make sure all the students that stop by leave their resume or other information necessary for recruitment. If you are not sure if they will be a good fit at your company you can even hire them as an intern first and see how they perform.

Jobr makes sure to follow these recruitment practices to hire the best talent. We have a diverse workforce and have employers working on contract basis so they have the flexibility to set their own work schedule. We are also taking steps to incorporate new technologies into our recruitment process too keep up with upcoming recruiting trends so try it today!


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