Creating Company Culture with a Remote Workforce

Creating Company Culture with a Remote Workforce

Remote workforces are on the rise, thanks to improvements in modern technology. The number of remote workers is increasing exponentially and gone are the days of cubicles and closed offices. As the number of remote workers increases, it has become harder for managers to create a strong company culture. Teams are often scattered across many countries or even continents so building an inclusive experience for them is tough but essential.

Prioritizing culture is important to keep your employees happy and reduce turnover rate. If your employees are happy in the workplace, they will be more productive and make your business will reap the rewards. Below we take a look at what managers are doing to build a positive company culture for remote employees?

Set clear expectations for your team

It is very important to set clear expectations of work accountability and communication in advance so your remote team knows what they are getting into and feel more connected to the company. You can set daily, weekly or monthly goals and check in on how much progress they make according to a set schedule. Creating expectations for a remote workforce is just as important as it is for your employees at the office as it creates a proper workflow. As a manager, you should also set expectations for regular communication amongst all the team members to avoid things from breaking down. Remote workers should feel that they are still a part of a team and are not treated any differently.

Use the right tools to communicate

Technological advances enable managers to communicate beyond just email or skype conferences. Communication is the key when hiring a remote workforce so having multiple channels to exchange information is crucial. You can establish a direct link with all your employees through Slack or Doodle and instantly get a response from wherever they are, besides just conferencing them in every meeting. Almost a million users depend on these tools to communicate with their team members and quickly get in touch with them in case the member is not physically there. You can create channels to message a group of people or just talk to them individually.  

Organize personal meet ups

Online communication is great but face to face interaction is also very important. Adding the human touch with your remote workforce makes them feel personally connected to their team and they can voice their ideas better. Organizing conferences or company parties at different locations is a great way to get in touch with your remote employees on a personal level. Make the virtual culture as real as you can and celebrate little things at the office to create a fun environment. If the remote workers are in the same city they can be invited to those events or you can also organize day trips to cities close by. Team building is essential to increasing productivity.

Build accountability

Make sure that your employee always knows how much work is expected out of them and the amount of time they have to finish project. Trust and accountability is developed only if they the employer and employee are both clear about their expectations from each other. Managers should regularly communicate with remote workers if they are on track with all the projects and if the workload is too little or too much. You might tend to make wrong assumption about how much work other people are doing, and how long it takes.  

Promote team building spirit

Build a healthy team of people who enjoy working with each other. Always give them some space to talk about their favorite sports team or the kind food they like so there is some common ground that unites them in a personal way. Figure out different ways to have face-to-face interactions with your remote workforce. Happy hours, video conference, Slack channels are all great ways to have a casual interaction that brings your team closer together. Weekly or monthly 1:1 meetings also work really well between managers and remote workers depending on how far they are located. A healthy team spirit is essential to increasing productivity.

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