These are the Best and the Worst Days to Post a Job!

These are the Best and the Worst Days to Post a Job!

In the world before internet, Friday was the best day to post a job so it was included in the weekend edition of the newspaper, but if you’re looking to hire an employee now, make sure to post your job between Monday- Wednesday. Various recruitment job boards including Jobr, LinkedIn and Monster find that the first half of the week gets the most amount of candidate applications so you can reach more people if your jobs are posted on those days.

Reasons to Post a Job Monday-Wednesday

Almost 70% of applicants submit applications within the first three days of the week, which makes perfect sense since most people are more motivated to finishing their work before hump day hits.

Candidates are less likely to spend the weekends looking for work so the jobs posted on Friday become old news by Monday and your job might not be seen by the most talented candidates in the pool. It appears that this concept of job seekers looking for work on the weekends used to be valid, but job seekers have moved on and left those old habits behind. The Internet has changed our world. It has brought us to the point of demanding instant access to everything; when we want it, how we want it. Many employers only post their jobs online, and a large percentage only allow people to apply through their web-based mobile application too.


Figuring out the best day to post a job  is vital for employers looking to generate the most qualified applicants. Most job boards generate more job seeker traffic during weekdays than they do on the weekends. Of course this may vary based on industry, but after looking at traffic data from Jobr, as well as from hundreds of client careers sites, the average weekday sees as many as 2 to 4 times the job seekers than on Saturday or Sunday. To get even more specific, a high percentage of people are actually looking for work during the middle of the day, when they are supposed to be working

According to Jobr data, the best time to post a job is from Monday-Wednesday between 9am-1pm. That’s when most of the candidates look and apply for more jobs. You are more likely to reach a bigger pool of candidates if your jobs are posted on those days and times.

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