Companies Doing Mobile Recruitment Right

Companies Doing Mobile Recruitment Right

Mobile recruitment is more than simply posting ads on the common job sites. It’s a holistic strategy for marketing your openings in such a way that they cut through the noise.

The goal of mobile recruiting is to make your online presence more visible on the job market. That means reducing your reliance on the job sites and leveraging your own website. All you need is the right app and a smart device to make your jobs mobile for candidates.

Businesses that make mobile recruiting an integral part of their hiring strategy create channels through which the strongest employees find them. Here are 5 free mobile job recruiting apps to help you find your ideal candidate.


This is a powerful iPhone app from which gives you applicant tracking capabilities on your mobile phone. Recruiters can invite candidates to submit their resumes digitally and the resumes will be instantly parsed and/or can be searched through to enable you to quickly identify suitable candidates. Resumes can be shared by email, SMS, etc., which is a great tool to take around a job fair or networking event. Employers can also add notes on a candidate which is available on their dashboard so they can easily see what’s on their plate. You also have the ability to view others notes as well.


The Indeed mobile app is one of the most comprehensive job-search applications on the market. The app creates an extensive job database from thousands of companies and allows you, the user, to create a profile and post your job from your phone. Single, organic job openings are free to post on the site, and Indeed posts those openings on Twitter and Facebook at no cost as well. It also offers a pay-per-click service that posts your job on over 25,000 partner sites, charging you only when a candidate clicks to view your post. The Indeed mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android


LinkedIn’s primary app was recently redesigned and relaunched at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Anaheim, California, in 2015. The new version has a simpler design featuring five key elements: Home, Me, Messaging, My Network, and Search. The recent updates to the LinkedIn app make it much more functional for marketers on the go who don’t always have access to their computers. The interface was completely revamped too, increasing the speed of communications while making them more interactive and conversational. Plus, you can integrate other LinkedIn apps into your experience.


Snagajob caters to recruiters trying to hire hourly workers. Employers are very concerned about location, availability and attitude. This app makes use of a mobile device’s video, photo and GPS technology to help employers find qualified candidates, which is very similar to other mobile apps. Their “Video Apply” feature allows an employer to view a short video clip a candidate includes with his or her application which is very unique. This can help employers gauge an applicant’s personality fit and enthusiasm for a job before even scheduling an interview.


Jobr is the leading mobile job search product in the United States. Our job search app is available on all smart devices and presents users with the ability to post jobs for free for 7-days so they can begin tapping into our base of unique millennial candidates. Their listings receive applications through the online recruiter portal and directly to their mobile device. Jobr’s resume search and messaging feature allows employers to be proactive with outreach and enables them to instantly connect to candidates.

The Jobr interface makes it more convenient for employers to post jobs and create listings that resonate with the candidate’s interests compared to other apps in the recruiting space. Employers can sign up, post a job and message candidates in just minutes. Head over to or download the “Jobr for Business” App to give it a try!


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